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OMNI can search everything, but consequently will display everything too.  How many results do you want to sift through?

Use the Librarian's 4-Step Search.  Narrow those results to specific campuses, books or videos or peer-reviewed materials or magazines. More importantly, the 4-Step Search helps you ask the right question to get better results.

Click the image above to visit the 4-Step page, or utilize one of the links below for a specific resource. 

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Librarian's Official Bookmarks

You're probably familiar with standard Internet bookmarks; you've made some yourself. Our Librarian curates his own from online massage and skin care sites that meet his standards. You can easily add them your browser too. Think of it as accessing the Librarian's Brain on your own computer or smart device!

Visit the Bookmarks page for additional information or go to Bookmarks now.

If you think a website ought to be added to the Official Bookmarks, please help us curate it! Contact the Librarian.

Need Help?  Want a Face-to-Face?

Contact the librarians for:

  • Quick help online
  • Set-up a face-to-face for homework and project assistance
  • Document Delivery Services
  • Inter-library loans
  • Professional Applications accounts, set-up or access and HIPAA/European Union compliance questions
  • Resume Builder Command Center access 

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