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Better Results Search can help you search a specific library branch or narrow results to a type of resource (e.g. books but not magazines)- massage or skin care.
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OMNI-CAMPUS contains all campuses' resources (books, videos, online journals and physical periodicals). Use Better Results menu choices for specific locations or formats.
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OMNI-WORLD searches outside of the library system's resources, and includes PubMed, Google Scholar, Google+, massage and skin care feeds.
Watch the OMNI Introductory video on our YouTube channel.

Use the OMNI searches above to search broadly, or try the Better Results options below to refine your search to very specific types of resources, like books, videos, peer-reviewed journals or resources located at a specific campus.  For physical magazine articles located at a campus other than your own, use the Contact form to request a PDF copy by email.

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OMNI can search everything, but consequently will display everything too.  How many results do you want to sift through?

Use the Head Librarian's 4-Step Search.  Narrow those results to specific campuses, books or videos or peer-reviewed materials or magazines. 

More importantly, the 4-Step Search helps you ask the right question to get better results.

Click the image above to visit the 4-Step page, or utilize one of the links below for a specific resource. 

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The Toolbars

Learn about the Library Toolbars - You're probably familiar with the standard Internet-browser toolbars, like those from Google or Yahoo.  Our Head Librarian built his own Toolbars (regular PC and also Apple and Droid) that can easily be added to your browser, or even replace the others, and be more useful.  Think of it as downloading the Librarian's Brain to your own computer or smart device!

Standard or (mobile) Pearl Edition?  Which is for you? 

Review, then Download the Standard Edition Toolbar to your own favorite Internet Browser.


View the  Pearl Edition Toolbar in your favorite browser now.  You can also download the free PearlTrees app from iTunes or Google Play, then ADD the Pearl Toolbar with this website address:

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